Nightmares About Your Wedding Day

So you are having nightmares about your wedding day, right?
Guess what? You are not alone. I had so many nightmares about my wedding day.

Nightmares started as the catering serving the wrong menu, and the photographer not showing up the day of the wedding.
There is no reason to feel bad about having nightmares, but just consider that it could be your body telling you to relax.
The pressure starts as soon as the engagement is announced to all family and friends. Everybody starts asking about the wedding day, the location, the type of food, the music, and so on.
In some cases the bride or even the groom, takes full responsibility on planning the wedding day. It sounds so simple, but it is a very stressful project. There are too many details to organize and they need to be perfect, of course.

Now, imagine that planning a wedding usually takes six to twelve months, more or less, depend on the couple’s choice. But, the bigger the event, the more stressful the planning gets. So, it’s just normal to have nightmares!
One day you will be focused on finding the best photographer, and you have many questions to ask them. Most likely while you contact them and make a decision there is stress in you. You are thinking “is this the right photographer?” – “will they deliver the product exactly the how I vision it?”  and many other questions and concerns will go through your mind.
Let me guess… you want to know how to avoid that, right?
Well… how about starting to relax?
We all hear comments about things that go wrong on wedding days. But, is that true? Maybe, it doesn’t mean that something have to go wrong on your wedding. It happens a lot, and mostly because the bride or the groom are expecting everything to be perfect, and that’s understandable.
I suggest always keeping in mind that something may happen during your wedding and that you both will laugh about it no matter what.
But, weddings are supposed to be perfect! Why would you say that?
Let’s be honest, chances are that something will happen, and the important part of all this is that you two are experiencing something new. It is a new project that will bring memories for the rest of your lives. You are planning a celebration to share your love and commitment to each other. Then, don’t let stress takes control of you.
Take a moment to go to the park, mountain, beach or any place that makes you feel relaxed. Stop planning for a few days and forget about it as much as possible, then go back to the project after a few days off.
The reason of this post is to let you know that you are not alone on this. That many other engaged couples has gone through the same. And even if something is not exactly as planned, it still is the best memory because you created that day and enjoyed it together.

Happy Planning!

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