Where to Register for your Wedding Gifts

So… you are planning your wedding and for sure everyone is asking you about a registry.

Even when you don’t expect your guests to give you gifts but, just to join both of you for a great wedding day, your guests wants to express their love and send you a gift.

I understand what you are thinking right now, and believe me… that is the reason for this post.

It is time consuming to figure out what you both want or need, the stores to register for those items, going to the stores or shopping online and choosing the items.

Just remember that times changes and nowadays is not only about asking for fine china, a set of silverware or cookware, now you can register for anything you want. Let’s take a look at things you may want to register for.

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1.-Coffee Lovers

Are you the kind of person that can’t live a day without coffee? How about registering
for the best and new coffee machine. If you drink espresso, add the Nespresso machine to the list. Believe me, you will love it!

When you add the coffee maker, make sure to add all the accessories as well. Those are
little things that may love having but don’t want to spend your money on, your guests will be happy to give you the whole set.

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2.-Wine Lovers

If you enjoy wine then add some wine to your registry. From the actual favorite bottle of wine to a Wine Cooler ,your favorite wine glasses, and any accessories you like to use for your wine.

For instance, wine holders, wine glass identifier, wine aerator, stoppers, books, and more.

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3.- Travel Lovers

A wedding registry does not always means adding kitchen items to it. You can now register for your dream honeymoon.

There are websites such as www.gofundme.com, www.honeymoonwishes.com or www.honeyfund.com where you can plan your trip and have your guests deposit money towards the total of the trip you add to your registry.

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4.-Home lovers

Some couples want to just get new furniture for their home and regular wedding registries usually are from stores that do not offer furniture.
You can register at stores such as Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and have an account where you can accumulate the funds and purchase the furniture you want.
It is a more convenient way than trying to rush and choose something just to add to an itemized registry.

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5.-Photography Lovers

I love this idea! I chose this option because it was a wedding gift my husband and
I received on our wedding. We did not have it in the registry, but we never thought about it.
We got a professional camera to capture amazing pictures during our honeymoon and our new life together. I must say it was an incredible idea and I wanted to share it with you as one of the options.
A nice camera will help you keep high quality photos from the best memories and you can register for it at Amazon or your favorite store, try to keep a good amount of items on each registry you open.

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